Quality of Life Consultation

Your journey with your pet starts here, with a quality of life assessment


“I feel good knowing that I had the knowledge and a plan for making decisions on behalf of my aging pet.”

– Alex, client and doting pet dad to Brutus the Dachshund

How Scheduling for a Quality of Life (QOL) Consultation with Fair Winds Takes Place:

Fair Winds Veterinary Consultation STEP 1:  VIRTUAL INTAKE

Join Dr. Christie Cornelius, a seasoned hospice veterinarian with certification in palliative care, for a 45-minute virtual consultation priced at $95. During this session, Dr. Cornelius provides:

  • A compassionate, non-judgmental environment to openly discuss the unique challenges your companion faces as they near the end of life.
  • A comprehensive review of previous medical records, including diagnostics.
  • Guidance and support for making difficult decisions.
  • Customized plans to address emergencies effectively.
  • Thorough discussion of euthanasia preparation, the process itself, and aftercare options.

Fair Winds Veterinary Consultation STEP 2: IN-PERSON EXAMINATION, TREATMENT

Step 2 is optional, but due to Texas state regulations prohibiting medication prescriptions following virtual consultations alone, a 30-minute in-person physical examination is available for clients residing on Galveston Island. This session, priced at $200, offers a comprehensive assessment of your pet, including differential diagnoses and treatment recommendations, ensuring immediate care for urgent conditions. If the virtual consultation leads to the decision to alleviate your pet’s pain and suffering through humane euthanasia, this in-person visit provides the necessary support and compassionate care to proceed.