Quality of Life Consultation

Your journey with your pet starts here, with the quality of life assessment. Fair Winds offers virtual and onsite assessments you can request either online or at our comfort center on the island.

“I feel good knowing that I had the knowledge and a plan for making decisions on behalf of my aging pet.”

– Alex, client and doting pet dad to Brutus the Dachshund

Quality of Life Assessment

Every aging pet needs a plan of care. Assessing a pet’s quality of life is important because all care recommendations are based on this assessment in combination with the goals of care each family has for their companion.

You may opt to schedule your pet’s quality of life assessment as a virtual or an in-person consultation with Dr. Cornelius.

Quality of Life Benefits Benefits
VIRTUAL VISIT (Phone or Video) General but helpful information about disease process, care planning, signs of pain and poor quality of life, euthanasia Option for follow-up consultation
AT FAIR WINDS Medical record review, full history and physical examination, formulation of custom care plan and the ability to prescribe same-day medications and treatments. – Same-day prescriptions
– Same-day treatment
– Value-added diagnostics
– Entry into a custom care program
– *At an additional cost

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After your pet’s quality of life assessment with Fair Winds, several options exist for formulating the best care plan. We can do as little as helping you periodically monitor your pet for signs of pain or advanced aging or as much as entering your pet into a pain management or pet hospice program to meet all of their current and future needs.

Once all variables have been considered, Dr. Cornelius and the team at Fair Winds will discuss each viable option, including costs, with you and provide you with the information and resources you need to make an informed decision in the best interest of your pet and your family.

Some families decide that humane euthanasia is the next, kindest step in managing chronic or challenging symptoms that will be difficult or impossible to treat appropriately or are expected to cause significant suffering sooner rather than later.

Pet Quality of Life Consultation

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